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Let’s face it – most people just don’t like change. We like things being the way that they are – even the word “upset” has a negative connection – to turn over the “set” to break with the established order. The only problem is – there are so many things we have the ability to just SOLVE, only we would be willing to “upset” things.

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Boardroom Implementation to include complete Technology Table and Zoom Video Conference System

The AV System comprises of NUC End Point, HD PTZ Video Conference Camera, TesiraForte CI, Cable Cubby Implementations and Matrix Switches. The matrix switches control the video feed connection in the room. The high definition video feed is captured and relayed by the HP PTZ Camera; the audio conference equipment comprises a Biamp Tesira Forte CI Digital Sound Processor with AEC and Beyerdynamic BM33 Microphones with Piezo switches with LED mute indicator.

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The Amazing Power of Cost Effective Immersive Collaboration

When you think about “immersive solutions,” you probably imagine a huge multi-screen array that combines high definition video and surround sound audio to produce a convincing facsmile of a “real life” meeting. Such immersive telepresence solutions are crucial for conferences and meetings attended by top-level execs and board members--it’s the video equivalent of that well-appointed upper floor office where big decisions are made and blockbuster deals are brokered.

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The Top Three Acoustical Solutions for Conference Rooms

Conference room acoustics are often overlooked in the design process, but they can quickly become a problem (and a high priority) once the room is put into use. Architects are great at designing aesthetically pleasing boardrooms and conference rooms, and when their clients see the renderings, acoustics is normally the furthest thing from their mind. Thus, the acoustical design of the boardroom goes unaddressed. But when the client moves in and has trouble holding meetings, acoustics comes to the forefront.

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